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World Antimicrobial Awareness Week: 18-24 November

Shimla: The Government Spokesperson said that World Antimicrobial Awareness Week is celebrated from 18th to 24th November every year. The theme for the year 2021 given by World Health Organization is “Spread Awareness, Stop Resistance”. He said that the focus is on raising the awareness regarding the threat of antimicrobial resistance and what measures can be taken to prevent this resistance.
The Government Spokesperson informed that the antibiotic resistance is when bacteria change and become resistant to the antibiotics used to treat the infections they cause. This compromises the ability of the medicine to treat the disease. He further added that to avoid the antibiotic resistance, the antibiotics must be used with care so that they remain effective for the infection they are being used for. He said that antimicrobial resistance is a growing threat to public health which needs urgent attention.
The Government Spokesperson said that the rapid spread of multi-drug resistant bacteria and the lack of new antibiotics to treat infections caused by these organisms pose a rapidly increasing threat to human health. He further added that to tackle this, Government of India has already launched a “National Program on Anti-Microbial Resistance Containment” during the 12th five-year plan (2012-2017) which is being coordinated by National Centre for Disease Control. He said that under this program the surveillance of antimicrobial usage in different health care settings is being done and awareness amongst health care providers and community on antimicrobial resistance and rational use of antimicrobials is being generated. He added that for antimicrobial resistance surveillance a laboratory based system has been already established at Indira Gandhi Medical College & Hospital, Shimla.
The Government Spokesperson appealed to the public to avoid taking antibiotics when we don’t need as it speeds up the antibiotic resistance. He further said that the antibiotic resistant infections are more complex and harder to treat. He appealed to seek a doctor’s advise before taking any antibiotic.

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