Wood Villa one of the beautiful monument of Shimla city

The Palace is the former summer residence of the Raja Rana of Jubbal, a pre-independence kingdom of the Simla Hill States.  Woodville Palace, with its Heritage Raj appeal, its touch of royalty and romance, a sporting ground for nature in the lap of the Himalayas and its vintage ambience and classic luxury in amalgamation with state-of-the-art hospitality. Placed amid deodar pine forest, Woodville Palace looks wonderful with the Himalayas in the background. The first recorded owner of this property was William Rose Mansfield, Commander-in-chief of the Imperial British Army. The paperwork says that on 2nd Feb 1866, he purchased this property from Major-General Sir Arthur Milford Beecher for a sum of Rs 22000.  After that, it turned into the official summer residence of the Commander-in-Chiefs of India.

 Then in 1876, the property was bought by Mrs. Henrietta Ruth Maria Alexander, who leased the property for a span of 6 years to the Commanders-in-Chief of India. After spending 5 years here, General Sir Frederick Paul Haines handed over the property General Sir Donald Martin Stewart. However, in 1882, he shifted to Snowdon, which then became the official Commander -in-Chief’s residence in Shimla till 1947. Woodville was then sold by Mrs. Alexander to Mrs. Eliza Maria Walker, wife of Sir James Lewis Walker, who was the first Manager and then the Chairman of the Alliance Bank of Shimla. Till her death, the property was in the hands of Mrs. Walker, which then came in the hands of her husband. Till 1919, the property was with Sir Walker and then sold to the Alliance Bank of Shimla for Rs 125,000.

 After its closure, as a part of liquidation of its assets, the bank had put the property on sale after 1923, after its closure. In 1926, Woodville got its new owner in the form of His Highness Maharaja Sir Bhagvat Singh, of Gondal State, Gujrat, Western India. He paid a sum of Rs 1, 50,000. He gifted this palace to Rani Leila Ba of Jubbal, his daughter, in 1930. For 12 years the property was unoccupied then in 1938, it was demolished by Raja Rana of Jubbal State Sir Bhagat Chand. He then turned this Victorian property into a stunning summer palace by putting-in a sum of Rs 5000,000. The place was the residence of the Jubbal royal family till 1977, which was then converted into a heritage hotel by his grandson, Raj Kumar Uday Singh.

Step into Woodville Palace Hotel and be transported to a by gone era when Shimla was the summer capital of the Raj and British Socialites mingled at tea parties and gala evenings with Indian Aristocracy. The Palace is the former summer residence of the Raja Rana of Jubbal, a pre-independence kingdom of the Simla Hill States. The only Palace Hotel in Shimla, this heritage property is owned and managed privately by the decedents of the Jubbal Royal family who seek to give travelers an experiential travel experience not on offer at a typical chain hotel.

Each room has it’s own individual character and is inspired by the 1930’s art deco era and personal artefacts of the family including a large number of photographs of Indian Royalty. Nestled in 4 acres of greenery, Woodville Palace Hotel is an oasis within the city limits, a comfortable stroll from the main Mall Road.

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