Kamrunag himself does not come in Mandi Shivratri, only his stick comes

  • Immense treasure is contained in Kamrunag lake

  • “Dev Kamrunag” … along with the local people, where people from all over the country and abroad also bow down.

  • Large stock of coins and precious metals due to tradition

  • Kamrunag, the most famous of the serpents in Himachal

Himachal is known by the name of Dev Bhoomi not only in the countries but also abroad. Here every deities has a special place and importance. The people living here also have deep faith in the gods and goddesses here, but tourists coming from outside the country and abroad also do not live here without bowing to the beautiful litigants as well as the deities here. This is the reason why Himachal is called Devbhoomi of Himachal. This time we are going to give you information about the deity Kamrunag ji, who resides in the lush green and beautiful plains of the state.

The tradition of snake worship in the hilly areas of the state is from ancient times. Apart from the temples, some places and trees are also dedicated to the snake deities. Kamrunag is the most famous of the serpents in Himachal. Kamrunag site is situated on a hill surrounded by dense forest at a place called Kamrah in Chachot tehsil. Devotees offer invaluable items of vows or offerings to Kamrunag in the lake. Due to this tradition, the lake has huge reserves of coins and precious metals. Kamrunag originally belonged to the Basuki Nag dynasty.

There is such a lake in Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh, at the foot of which the treasure of billions is hidden. No one has hidden this treasure in the mysterious Kamrunag Lake. People have handed over this treasure to the lake with faith. No one has the correct information about how much gold and silver is deposited in the ancient lake adjacent to the Kamrunag temple of Mahabharata in Nachan assembly constituency of Mandi district. The tradition of offering gold and silver in the lake is going on for centuries. Due to the buried treasure, the number of visitors is increasing every year to see the mysterious Kamrunag Lake and for their wishes. Despite the wealth of billions in the lake situated at an altitude of nine thousand feet above sea level, there is no special arrangement for security. There is no security here as much as normal conditions. People believe that Kamrunag protects this treasure. Dev Kamrunag is the biggest deity of Mandi district.

  • Kamrunag himself does not come in Mandi Shivratri, only his stick comes

It is such a belief of the deity that whenever there was an objection or there was a dark cloud of drought, then the king of Mandi had a special worship of Kamrunag and the clouds of trouble would immediately dissipate. Kamrunag is a solitude-loving deity of sage nature. They like to stay away from the hustle and bustle. Perhaps this would be the reason why they do not allow even their chariots to be taken outside their established places. He is the only deity in Mandi Shivratri who never comes himself, only his stick comes. This serpent god is considered effective during the time of epidemic.

  • Description of Dev Kamrunag from Mahabharata

It is believed that a warrior named Ratan Yaksha learned Kamru Vidya by placing the idol of Vishnu in front and achieved many accomplishments. In the Mahabharata, Kauravas and Pandavas sent invitations to many warriors to fight on their side but no one called Ratan Yaksha. Devastated by this, Dev took the blessings of his father and said that he would fight on his side which was losing in the battle field. God had so much power that he would win from whichever side he fought. Only Krishna had the knowledge of this, so he changed his disguise and got it to Kamrunag.

Regarding the matter of God going to war, Krishna asked him to test and said that if you are powerful then show all the leaves of the tree with an arrow. In the meantime, Krishna cleverly hid some leaves in his armpits and legs, and when Kamrunag shot arrows at the tree, all the leaves were pierced, while the leaves that Krishna had hidden on his feet and armpits were also pierced. . Due to this, Krishna became very worried that Kamrunag might not fight the war on the side of Kauravas, so he asked Dev who do you worship. When Kamrunag said that of Vishnu, Krishna took an incarnation there and demanded Guru Dakshina from him. In return, Krishna asked Dev for his head. The deity agreed and said that he had one wish that he should see the war and his head should be placed in such a place from where the whole battle field could be seen. When the war started, Kamrunag’s head was put on a high place. There was so much power in his severed head that wherever the face of the head was, there was destruction. When Krishna came to know about this, he asked the Pandavas to worship him and also to establish his idol. The Pandavas promised the deity that if he destroyed the Kauravas, the coronation would be done to them. After the war, Kamrunag asked for a separate kingdom from Krishna and the Pandavas installed him here on the Kamaru hill and Krishna gave him the body.

  • Clouds were stolen from Indradev

Dev Kamrunag has the status of the greatest deity and is also called the god of rain. Whenever there is no rain for a long time, then Karkoon and Haryan of many deities of Mandi district offer special worship to get rain from the deity. When the servants worship the deity, the deity is pleased and makes the area rain. It is believed that after the establishment of Kamrunag, Indradev got angry and stopped raining in the valley, then on the request of the people, Dev Kamrunag stole the clouds from Indradev. After this he is also known as the god of rain.

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