BBMB Sets New Record in Daily Power Generation

Chandigarh:  Nand Lal Sharma Chairman Bhakra Beas Management Board informed that BBMB has achieved a historic milestone in the field of power generation by setting a new record of maximum daily power generation on 24th July 2023. On this remarkable day, BBMB generated a staggering 615.14 Lakh Units of electricity, showcasing its commitment to meeting the energy demands of BBMB partner states. The previous record for maximum power generation in a single day was 604.24 Lakh Units, which was achieved on 21st August 2008. Furthermore, BBMB also achieved a maximum peak power generation of 2733 MW on 22nd July, 2023 thereby playing a pivotal role in supporting the Grid.
It is also worthwhile to mention that during torrential rains in the region from 08.07.2023 to 11.07.2023, BBMB had successfully absorbed entire flood water that originated in the rivers Satluj and Beas in its Bhakra and Pong Dams respectively. In Bhakra Dam, an astounding 4,45,037 cusec days (1088 Million Cubic Meters) of water was absorbed and in Pong Dam about 6,25,554 cusec days (1530 Million Cubic Meters) of water was absorbed in just 4 days. During the month July, 2023 upto 24th July, BBMB has received a staggering 3590 Million Cubic Meters of water in its Pong Dam as against long term average inflow of 1610 Million Cubic Meters during this period. Similarly, in Bhakra a colossal 3920 Million Cubic Meters of water was received in July 2023, upto 24th July against the long term average of 2940 Million Cubic Meters for the said period. BBMB was able to successfully absorb this water in its dams thereby significantly reducing the fury of floods in the states of Punjab & Haryana.
Now, when the flood waters in the downstream areas have receded, BBMB has started controlled discharge of water from its dams, which has led to record production of electricity. The power produced by BBMB is supplied to the partner states of BBMB without any cost however the cost incurred by BBMB on Operation & Maintenance of its dams and power houses in borne by the partner states as per actual. On notional basis the cost of power generated by BBMB during the year 2022-23 was about 58.3 paisa/Unit, which is one of the lowest cost power in the country.
Chairman, BBMB, expressed his elation at this significant accomplishment. He stated that this remarkable achievement is a testament to the dedication and hard work of the entire BBMB team. He assured the public that BBMB will remain steadfast in its pursuit of sustainable management of reservoirs with focus on flood control as well as Power Generation for the wellbeing of people. BBMB will continuously strive to optimize its operations and improve its infrastructure to meet the growing energy needs of our country. As the demand for electricity continues to rise in the country, BBMB remains dedicated to leveraging its expertise, technological advancements and workforce to keep up with the increasing energy needs. The organization aims to set more such records in the future while striving for sustainable growth and development.

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