Himachal Cabinet...Part-II

Himachal Cabinet…Part-II

SHIMLA: The Cabinet also decided to increase minimal bus fare in the State. Now, the minimum bus fare will be Rs. 6 and the maximum distance for this fare will be three kms.

It is pertinent to mention here that the bus fares were increased in the years 2010 and 2013 in the past and the percentage increase in the year 2010 compared to previous fare was 33.33 percent and in the year 2013 the increase was 30.63 percent. The time span during which the fares were increased was only 3 years. However the present hike has come after a long period of 5 years and the percentage increase in the fare is 24.44 percent in plain areas and 20.69 percent in hilly areas in all categories of services i.e. Ordinary buses, Deluxe buses and Volvo buses. The minimum fare has been fixed as Rs. 6/- and the maximum distance for which this fare will be applicable shall be  3 kms. The fare approved are comparable  with those prevailing  in neighbouring states of Punjab (for plain areas Rs. 1.10 paisa per km for ordinary) and Uttrakhand (for hilly areas Rs. 1.72 paisa for ordinary) which were  fixed by Uttrakhand in 2017 (October) and about 3 months back in Punjab.

The fare hike is justified in view of sharp increase in diesel prices. The diesel prices increased by about 44 percent after October, 2017 when Uttrakhand fixed their bus fares. Similarly in Punjab the current fare were fixed about 3 months back and  diesel prices have increased sharply thereafter.

Now the following rates will be applicable.:

Fare Rates Area Present bus fare (per km) New    approved bus fare (per km) % Increase
Ordinary Buses Plain Area 90.00 112.00 24.44
Hill Area 145.00 175.00 20.69
Deluxe Buses Plain Area 110.00 137.00 24.44
Hill Area 180.00 217.00 20.69
Volvo/AC Buses Plain Area 220.00 274.00 24.44
Hill Area 300.00 362.00 20.69



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