एपी गोयल शिमला विश्वविद्यालय विदेशी छात्रों के लिए हिमाचल प्रदेश में प्रथमः रोसेट न्यामले

Professor Dr. Tej Pratap addressed the faculties of AP Goyal Shimla University

Shimla:  Professor Dr.Tej Pratap, retired Vice Chancellor of Chaudhary Sarwan Kumar Himcahcal Pradesh Agriculture University, Palampur addressed the faculties of A P Goyal Shimla University on 15th March on the academic growth and curriculum. Dr. Tej Pratap is Ph.D in Agro Ecology and has almost traveled all parts of the world just to reach the high academic research levels.  Professor while addressing the young faculties of the Shimla University talked about three things Hot world, Flat world and Crowding. He explained that in order to grow in life one is required to take risks and take strong steps and not be comfortable in one single job profile while doing the same thing every day.

The professor stressed on the changing concepts of the world education and flat world wherein everything is s approachable and reaching heights of communication is very easy. Whereas after talking about this, he claimed that world is getting warmer climatically, but also is getting hot biologically, socially and mentally. He says the impact of warm climate is not only on the environment but it is constantly making the youth hot at head and impatient.

Further, Dr.Tej Pratap stressed on reading books like “Thank you for being late” and “The Flat World” by Thomas L.Friedman especially for management faculty in order to get the closer perspective of the changing world. Further, while talking, the professor mentioned a few things about “Crowding “, wherein he talked about agriculture and the reasons for it to fail in today’s world. In conclusion while addressing the faculties and Dr.Ashwani Kumar, Honorable Pro Chancellor of Shimla University, he stressed upon working on niches. Institutionally, he talked about picking up a niche and work on it in order to make the institution excel and outsmart the other competitive institutes. Dr.Tej Pratap appreciated the efforts the Shimla University had made and still making for attaining the heights that it has attained today within the time span of Almost 5 years. The interaction among the faculties, staff and Dr.Tej Pratap was quite fruitful and encouraged the youth to take risks.

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